Nature and Humanity – Krishna Sinha

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Nature and Humanity – Krishna Sinha.

Take bicycles for short distances,
take public transport for long distances.

Go Back towards organic farming,
to save Our mother Earth from Global Warming.

Make a return to the native village,
plant trees and make a Greenary Milage.

Stay away from too much Unnecessary goods,
buy necessary items for lovely Homes.

Plastic is not only the cancer of Mother Nature,
but also it is cancer too all living Creatures.

To stop high level Pollution,
Make a stand with wity Solution.

Fight for the mother Nature,
To Create A Healthy Future.

Let’s Heal the Mother Earth Together Think about it,
We Have only one Earth it’s up to Us to Protect it.

Distribute unnecessary things to homeless,
Create Smile and Earn Happiness.

That is truely called Humanity,
Do as it is like Our Own Responsibility.

Krishna Sinha – Earth Doctor

Introducing Youngest Climate Activist : Manipur, India

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One of my Personal Favourite Young Climate Activist from Northeast India Manipur, None other Ms. Licypriya Kangujam. She is A Cute Leisabi with Golden Heart. She is Hailing from my Birthplace Manipur, as I was also Born and raised in Manipur. Anyways Let me Write ✍️ something about her. Licypriya Kangujam Born 3rd July 2009, 12 years old is a Children Climate Environmental Activist from Northeast India Manipur. Hailing from Bashikhong Village, Manipur. Popularly Known for Rising Voice to Combat Climate Change. Her Mother Name – Bidyarani Devi Kangujam, and Father Kanarjit Kangujam (K K Singh). Received Lots of Awards, A.P.J Abdul Kalam Children Award, World Children Peace Prize Same year 2019, Global Child Prodigy Award, Nobel Citizens Awards, 2020. International Women’s Day Awards by Delhi Govt in 2021. Visits Lots of Places like Mongolia, Africa, COP25 Summit urging with the world leaders to act now on Climate Change. She has been campaigning to make lessons in climate change mandatory in school and as per her request the Government of Gujarat has included climate change in School Education. She also work for the nation for the sake of Poor needy people during India Need Oxygen Emergency she delivered a Oxygen Concentrator and also sent 100 oxygen cylinder for the people of Manipur and Bihar as well to save lives by providing oxygen to needy poor people. Inspiration to many youngsters around the Globe 🌍.

Change the Way of Thinking – Be Positive, and Everythings Gonna Be Alright.

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Seeing a sweeper or rickshaw driver on the road Don’t tell your child “If you don’t study you will be like them.” Instead, explain that if you study well, you can do something for them.

Be Positive, and Everythings Gonna Be Alright.

Change the Way of Thinking

Krishna Sinha Biography

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Krishna Sinha (Philanthropist) Krishna Sinha (16th November 1992), also known as Krish, Pandit, and Marbel.

Born: 16th November 1992, Imphal (Manipur). Later Whole Family Shifted in Assam, Silchar.

Height : 5ft.7in Weight : 50Kgs.

Age : 30 Year’s Old.

Home : Own Residence in Silchar, Rengti.

Landmark Near 6th AP Bn, Kathal.

Hobbies: Swimming, Cricket, Music, Travelling, Singing, Writing and Karate.

Occupation : Own Business before that he was a Head Cashier in Brand, Occasional Film Acting.

Nickname(s): Marbel, Krish, Radhemohonan, nk, Pandit.

A Philanthropist, Active Climate Activists and Social Worker.

My Favorite Quotes :- Respect is for Those Who Deserves Not For Those Who demands.

Krishna Sinha 💕

Favorite Color : Black and White

Favorite Food : Indian Dish

Favorite Places : Switzerland, London, Shillong, Kashmir, Shimla.

Girlfriends : Updated Soon

Favorite Actor and Actress: Siddarth Sinha, Hrithik Roshan, Sunny Deol, Sushant Singh Rajput.

Favourite Wrestlers : Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rock and Kurt Angle.

Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella.

Actress : Karishma, Rani, Deepika, Kriti Sanon

Singers: Tushar Arjun, AP Dhillon, Hrishi Sinha, Zubin Nautiyal and Arijit Singh.

Education : Lower Class in Manipur High School, Higher Class in Nimai Chand High School, RMC College, BA Hons in English but not Completed.