VOTE Your Favourite Contestant : Hip-Hop Queen GUNJAN SINHA DD Season3

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Saturday 8pm – Sunday 10am
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Good NEWS for Music Lovers and Bishnupriya Manipuri Community : Hrishi Sinha Playback Singer

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Shillong, Meghalaya : 13th Sep, 2021. It is really very hard to put this feeling into words. Nevertheless, I am very glad to deliver my speech on such an important and momentous happiness showering, Such a great news 📰 for All the Music Lovers around the World 🌍 Specially Proud Moment for Bishnupriya Manipuri Community Big Congratulations to Well Known BM Playback Singer Mr. Hrishi Sinha finally win the Chalchitra Rolling Awards with our Two BM Blockbuster Song “Mitey Harpeilu” ‘Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol.01 and “Rati Hante Najiga Beleya’ from Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol2. It is a huge honor for Hrishi Sinha to receive this award for being the deserving Artists as well as well he makes his Community and Family Proud. His Words : (Hrishi Sinha) I’m deeply honored by my superiors for this recognition of my work. really really thanks to all for endless Support, Greatful to you all this Award is for my Community. He is giving million thanks to Ojha Pocha (Braja Kumar Singha) and his Team Work. Adding more to the speech His Next Project Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol.03 is on Process will release Soon. Thank you Admin Panel Krishna Sinha (Meghalaya, Shillong).

Good News to All Music Lovers and BM Community : Hrishi Sinha

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Big Congratulations For the official Award Nomination in : The Award is something conferred as a reward for the merits one received. Receiving the award is the best thing in Life. But nominating for the award is a big step to motivate anyone. Nominating is to inform them their work is recognized. Their Contribution is Valuable. I really Appreciate and so happy for you Mr. Hrishi Sinha for the Official Nomination of Your Recent BM Blockbuster Song ‘Rati Hante Najiga Beleya’ from Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol2. in Two different Well Known Platform Like GiFA (Global Indie Film Award) and SIFF (Short International Film Festival Award). Today You Have made your family, Friends and Fan Zone lastly the BM Community So Proud. May Your Name and Fame Shine Like a Diamond. Best Wishes. Mr. Hrishi Sinha 💕

Land A Helping Hands : Help the Afghani Climate Activist

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33 Nos of Afghan Climate Activist are in Danger, We need Everyone’s Kind Support to Help them Out. #FacetheClimateEmergency

FightForTheRight HumanityMatters

Big Congratulations : Playback Singer Tushar Arjun

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Big Congratulations 💕
Tushar Arjun ❤️ Maharashtra Gaurav Samman Awardee Playback Singer Bollywood, Regional folk Singer. Zee TV SaReGaMaPa, X-Factor SonyTV, India’s Got Talent Performer. Follow Him For His latest Updates.
Lot’s of Blessings
With Regards Admin Panel
We the People Of One Nation 🌍 Krishna Sinha

Why All the Snakes Serpent Has Cut Tongue?

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A deep secret is hidden behind the snake’s tongue being cut into two parts, which is mentioned in the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata, written by Maharishi Ved Vyasa, has a very interesting story involving the tongue of snakes.
According to the Mahabharata, Maharishi Kashyapa had 13 wives. Kadru was also one of them. All snakes are children of Kadru. At the same time, another wife of Maharishi Kashyap’s name was Vinata, whose son is Birchraj Garuda. Once both Maharishi Kashyap’s wives Kadru and Vinata saw a white horse. On seeing him, Kadru said that the tail of this horse is black and Vinata said that it is not white. Both were bet on this matter.
Then Kadru asked his Naga sons to reduce their size and wrap it with the tail of the horse so that the tail of the horse would look black and win that bet. At that time some Naga sons refused to do so. Then Kadru cursed his sons that you will be consumed in the sacrifice of King Janmejay Yogya.
Hearing the curse, all the snake sons clung to the tail of the white horse according to their mother, causing the tail of that horse to appear black.
Losing the bet, Vinata became Kadru’s maid. When Vinuta’s son Garuda came to know that his mother had become a maid, he asked Kadru and his Naga sons to bring me such an item so that my mother would be freed from your slavery. Then the Naga sons said that if you bring us nectar from heaven, then your mother will be freed from the slavery of our mother.
According to the Nagputras, Garuda brought the nectar Utn from Heaven and placed it on a Kusha (a kind of Streaked grass) He asked all the serpent to take a bath before drinking the Nectar. At the bechet of Garuda all the snakes went to bathe, but in the meantime Devraj Indra came there and again went to heaven with Nectar urn. When all the Snakes came after bathing, they saw that Kusha did not have a Nectar Vase.
After this all the Snakes Started licking the grass (kusha) on which the nectar was placed. They felt that the small fraction of nectar must fallen that place. By doing this they didn’t get Nectar itself, but Due to grass snake tongue broke into two pieces.

Four Pillars of A Great Website : Blogger Krishna Sinha

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Make Each Visit Counts : Four Important Pillars of a Great Website Blog. 1. USER ENGAGEMENT a) Always Share Informative and Crispy Content to Web Blog. b) Give response to every Feedback. 2. RELEVANT & UNCLUTTERED CONTENT a) Do Upload Conversational Content b) Specify the Clear Headings and Subheadings. 3. EASY NAVIGATION a) Prominent Hyperlinks b) Content Classification in Categories. 4. STRONG CALL TO ACTION a) CTA must present Clear Benefits to the User’s.

Talented Bishnupriya Manipuri : Rahul Sinha

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Introducing Rahul Sinha From Bangalore, India a Talented Bishnupriya Manipuri 21 Years Old Young Boy Hailing From Rangamati, Assam(IND).
Currently Residing in Bangalore.
Father:- Harendra Sinha.
Mother:- Sharmila Sinha. He is Street Battle Dancer, Modeller and Choreographer of D- Mentors Dance Company, Bangalore. He Has Done BCA now Pursing Extra Curriculum in Japanese Technic. He is a Pure and Complete Spiritual Believe Devotee also. His Favourite Quotes : Tu Bas Karm Karte Jaa, Fal Ki Chinta Na Kar ✨
Side By Side Doing Freelance Modelling in Two Reputed Brand of 1. Urban and 2. Vegnonveg.
Do Visit His Instagram Page and YouTube Channel Link Below :
[Video Collected From Rahul Sinha and Lakshikanta Sinha.]
Best Wishes and Regards From
Admin Panel
Krïshñä Sïñhä

Rahul Sinha Dancer

BM Artists or Torofetto : Habirang Heicha Aakchuti

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Girigithani Habire Bana Nungshi Janeya Yaari Aakchuti Dena Monawri Habiye Panglak Korik Naile Laspeyar Aami Nijor Goretto Support Napeile Bahirar Manurang Kita Aasha Thoitang Chei Mileng aahan diya, Ere Esade Like Follow dekhle Lager ta Aamar Jaate Koigo Maanu aasi Han, Manur Jaator Page Like Follow Dekhle Mure Aat dena aaher, hante kisade Support Kisade maya Prem kororai han. Habbi Kholei Aagor Maas olosi Hingsa Ninda Baddiya Duma Like Follow Koro Lockdown Ehanat aamr etarew Khani Harow Koro, Aaguwaka Mungede.
Entertain Korba Ta Na Kita.
Kartaw Poisa Nou Jitoiga Free of Cost.
Aami Nijor Sou Na, Porar Ta Nagoi.
We Need Supports, In Returns of Entertainment. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💻📲

Krishna & Kiloski Sinha Before Shooting Time BM Action, Thriller & Love Movie Hero : Rebel for Love

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Before Movie Shooting 🌠

Kiloski Sinha and Krïshñä Sïñhä