Simple Quick Easy Potato and Flower Recipe : Krishna Sinha

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Good Evening Dear Guys, Learn Quick and Simple Delicious Recipe. Ingredients : Half Big Cauliflower, 4 medium Potatoes, Turmeric Power One Spoon, One Spoon Jeera Powder, Half Spoon Red Chilli Powder. Mustard Oil, Seeds, 2 Bowls Water. Main ingredients: Fenugreek Seed, Nigella Seed, Cumin seed, Black Mustard Seed and Fennel Seed.

Krishna Sinha

An Important Message to Our Universe

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[3RD SEP, 2021, 04:35PM]
Krïšhñä Šïñhä: Whether it is the individual human body or the larger cosmic body, essentially, they are made of five elements – Earth,  Water,  Fire, Air  and  Space. These are also Called  Panch Bhutas: Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Ether or Space (Aakash).
Everything in Nature 
1. Air (Vayu) : “Breathe” – Slowly and Deeply Inhale – Exhale in the Open Fresh Environment.
2. Water (Jal) : “Blessing the Water” – Our body is consists of 70% Water, with Positive affirmation can Have a Healing effect on the Body.
3. Fire  (Sun/ Surya) : The  Sun Our Best Friend, sitting out under the Sun early Morning and before Evening Sunset  is a great way of strengthening the Body.
4. Sky (Space/ether/Aakash) : “Star ✨ Glazing under the Sky” can have a very relaxing and calming effect after a long Stressful Day.
5. Earth  (Prithvi) : “Walking Barefoot on the Ground” is a great way to feel Grounded and interconnected the inner self-esteem,.
To Balance and Purify these elements in Human Body becomes essential for Both Mental Health and the Physical Harmony.
That’s Why Earth Matters  #FightForTheClimateJustice
#SaveTreeSaveLife #KrishnaSinhaClimateActivist

Land A Helping Hands : Help the Afghani Climate Activist

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33 Nos of Afghan Climate Activist are in Danger, We need Everyone’s Kind Support to Help them Out. #FacetheClimateEmergency

FightForTheRight HumanityMatters

Happy Birthday Aarav Seth

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Happy Birthday 🎁 Aarav Seth On your 13th Birthday You’re Going to Celebrate your Birthday by #PlantingTrees.🌳
Amazing News. Really I’m Proud of You Keep it Lot’s of Love and Blessings 🌸💐💕


Climate Activist Yamin (Bangladesh) and Krishna (India)

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Yamin and Krishna

Young Climate_Activist : Yamin From (Bangladesh) Sudden Live Discussion Regarding Wildfire in Greece (Athens). Full Session Click Below Link ⬇️

Biggest Point Regarding Climate Issue : Krishna Sinha (INDIA)

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Questions are coming every nook of the World, that is How Much time is Left for returning into a Healthy Climate, Healthy Environment?
I Would Say Straight to the Point we are already in a point of no return.
We can now only mitigate the phenomena of climate change.
Q. What are the Threats to Our Future Life?
There is less, and Very Less of oxygen on earth, less amount of Fresh water for drink due to high rate of pollution and deforestation. Land and oceans suffers from it.
The destruction of natural habitats intensifies this shortage leading to a farewell to Bio-Diversity.
Have to face more and more Pandemics and new diseases due to environment losing the Balance and Factors. Trees are important for all life on Earth, but through deforestation being taken down in large numbers. Seventy Percent of Plants and Animals that live on land, live in forest homes and can’t survive in any kind of habitat. They can’t just move to a new place and adjust like Humans. Rainforest are the oldest ecosystems on Earth and they are impossible to replace. We should keep in mind, it took millions of years for rainforest to Develop.
All we have to do is Wake up from Bed and Act Now, No More Empty Promise Just Do Fight for the Climate Justice. Should reduce the Pollutions. Must keep neat and Clean our Surroundings, Plant more numbers of Trees.

FridaysForFuture #WednesdayForWildlife #FightFor1.5 #SayNoToDeforestation! #SaveEarth #MindtheGap #ActNow

Krishna Sinha Climate Activist.
Shillong, Meghalaya (India)

Climate Activist From Germany : Mr. Endel Stamberg

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Mr. Endel Stamberg from Hamburg in Germany He is a Active Elder Climate Activist since September 2019. He’s living alone because he lost his wife Two and half years ago! He always Talk about and Raise his Voice Loud Climate Issues and Current Forest Congo Rainforest and Wildlife with the Slogan of #WednesdayForWildlife He had done graphic design and worked as a documentation assistant in the archive of a German news magazine! We need more Such Kind of People like Him. Inspiration to Many in this Globe 🌍. Lot’s of Best Wishes and Regards From Krïshñä Sïñhä