Biography of Jagatjyoti Rajkumar

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Jagatjyoti Rajkumar (Born 30th Nov, 1979) in Silchar, Kachudharam (Assam) IND. is a Badminton 🏸 Player from Assam. Son of Late Tarun Rajkumar, and Mother Tillotoma Rajkumari. He Has 3 Brothers and 4 Sisters. Early Life: While he was attending High School he used to played his Favourite Game that is Badminton 🏸 His Parents gave him full Support and Finally after High Schooling from Chencoorie Bagan High School he joined DSA and Began his Journey. He Joined BA in Silchar College but Unfortunately didn’t Completed because of full focus on Game. Career Achievements : On his Career till now he won 8 times Cachar District Badminton Championships’ 7 times Barak Valley Championships, 2 Times Assam State Championships in 2018 Master’s All India Silver National Medaliat and Finally He Represents Our Nation INDIA in Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia). In Future he will play more Big Events on his respective Game in Badminton 🏸. Many Many Congratulations for the achievements and Wishing him all the Best for Upcoming Events. May God Bless Him Always and Keep His Name and Fame for the Nation as well as Him too. His Next Planning is to Visit Spain in future to Represent India 🇮🇳 again. Regards Krishna Sinha

Jagatjyoti Rajkumar
Kuala Lumpur – J Rajkumar
🏆🏆 Trophy 🏆🏆
Represents India in Malaysia
Diphu 45th AABC 2019-2020