Good NEWS for Music Lovers and Bishnupriya Manipuri Community : Hrishi Sinha Playback Singer

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Shillong, Meghalaya : 13th Sep, 2021. It is really very hard to put this feeling into words. Nevertheless, I am very glad to deliver my speech on such an important and momentous happiness showering, Such a great news 📰 for All the Music Lovers around the World 🌍 Specially Proud Moment for Bishnupriya Manipuri Community Big Congratulations to Well Known BM Playback Singer Mr. Hrishi Sinha finally win the Chalchitra Rolling Awards with our Two BM Blockbuster Song “Mitey Harpeilu” ‘Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol.01 and “Rati Hante Najiga Beleya’ from Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol2. It is a huge honor for Hrishi Sinha to receive this award for being the deserving Artists as well as well he makes his Community and Family Proud. His Words : (Hrishi Sinha) I’m deeply honored by my superiors for this recognition of my work. really really thanks to all for endless Support, Greatful to you all this Award is for my Community. He is giving million thanks to Ojha Pocha (Braja Kumar Singha) and his Team Work. Adding more to the speech His Next Project Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol.03 is on Process will release Soon. Thank you Admin Panel Krishna Sinha (Meghalaya, Shillong).

Bansuriwale Nand Ka Lala : Tilak Sinha ft. Barnita Sinha

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Tilak Sinha ft. Barnita Sinha
– Bansuriwale Nand Laala

A Wife Praising Her Husband Infront of Thousands : May the Creator Keep all parents happy Blessed and at Peace.

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A wife has been married for 18 years
Commenting on her husband, she said: Men are an infinite blessing given by the Creator!
Because, they leave their youth for their wives and children.
By relying on them, we enjoy the happiness, peace and boundless beauty of life.
The male race is an entity for the bright future of its children
Do your best.
But in spite of such hard work and sacrifice, we make poisoned their lives with a lot of frustration misunderstanding and sorrow. If they go out for a little fresh and comfortable, We say carefree,
If sitting at home, we complaint lazy and useless.
If children are strictly ruled by Father for wrongdoing, We say, ruthless and violent.
If he forbids his wife from working then We say old-fashioned, or non-modern.
If he has a good relationship with his mother, We say, Mother is mad, if he treats his wife kindly, Than wife is crazy. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
That’s all about her children Wants to look happier than himself.
A father is a robot who is far away from his children, He loves them even when they are depressed and always prays for their well-being.
A father is a great man who endures all the hardships of his children.
Even then, when the child learns to keep his feet on the father’s feet and even then, When he grows up, he puts his feet on his father’s chest and leaves. A father is a blessing to the world who patiently gives his children the hard-earned treasures of a lifetime.
If the mother carries the children for 9 months, However, the father continues to hold in his brain for the rest of his life.
The world seems to be beautiful and enjoyable as long as the shadow of the entity called Father.
Exists on the head. So if you survive, respect your father, When they are gone, raise your hands and pray for them.
May the Creator keep all parents happy Blessed and at Peace.

Pride of Northeast India, Silchar (Assam) : Mr. Ved Prakash an Inspiration

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Ved Prakash from Silchar, Assam, (India) has covered a distance approximately of 7085Kms. riding Solo across Nation to make awareness against child trafficking, child safety, child education and other forms of exploitation against children. For this noble indeed he achieved the Title, Ved Prakash has been recognised by the India Book of Records for being the fastest guy to cover such a long distance, within 15 days. And now, the Asia Book of Records has also conferred him with the title of ‘Grand Master’ in its next edition shortly. During this Journey his Companion the Bajaj Pulsar 220 which help him out and earned the title tagline “The fastest Indian” Ved Prakash too. he had covered more than 200 cities and towns across the country including New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kanyakumari, Vijaywada, and Siliguri. He also added during an interview that people prefer going abroad for such trips but he believes exploring the own country is a much better experience. Ved has also documented his entire journey on his YouTube Channel named ‘Bikerved’.

Despite many hurdles he completed his journey
Ved Prakash With His 220 Pulsar

He is now plans on taking his noble cause and cover up to a total of 21 countries, continuing to spread the same Enthusiasm, awareness and raise money for kids in need!. Really a Inspiration to all the Youngsters of upcoming Generation as Well. Now We Came to know the Good News that he is Nominated for World Record ⏺️ too Best Wishes to Him, really we are Proud of You. Ved Prakash, Keep Shine and Touch the High Skyline.

Happy 7th International Khuttei Dibas

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মালেমর গিরিগিথানীরে পুল্লাপে হাব্বিরে মর হৃদিয়ৌপা হমা। ৭তম আন্তর্জাতিক বিষ্ণুপ্রিয়া মণিপুরী ‘খুত্তেই দিবসর’ শুভেচ্ছা থাইল।।

জয় ইমা বিষ্ণুপ্রিয়া মণিপুরী জয়।।
ইমার ঠার পুঞ্চিপালক, জাতর ফিজেত ইঙাল ঙালক।।
জয় শ্রী কৃষ্ণ।।
Our Culture Our Pride, Both BM and Meitei are the Same Cultural Significance, this Simple Lining Khudei/Khuttei United Us, A Day of Happiness and Brotherhood Togetherness. #Happy7th_InternationalKhutteiDibas

Happy Birthday Aarav Seth

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Happy Birthday 🎁 Aarav Seth On your 13th Birthday You’re Going to Celebrate your Birthday by #PlantingTrees.🌳
Amazing News. Really I’m Proud of You Keep it Lot’s of Love and Blessings 🌸💐💕


Climate Activist Yamin (Bangladesh) and Krishna (India)

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Yamin and Krishna

Young Climate_Activist : Yamin From (Bangladesh) Sudden Live Discussion Regarding Wildfire in Greece (Athens). Full Session Click Below Link ⬇️

Congratulations : Weightlifter Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, Olympic (Tokyo, Japan)

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Congratulations Team India
Weightlifter Saikhom Mirabai Chanu created history winning India’s first medal of the Tokyo Olympics when she clinched silver in women’s 49kg weightlifting event on Saturday Olympics with Silver 🏅in women’s 49Kg Event.
#JaiHind 🇮🇳💟 🗼

Weightlifter Saikhom Mirabai Chanu