8th International Khuttei Dibas 2022

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Happy 8th International Khuttei Dibas to All My Bishnupriya Manipuri Brother’s around the World.

We Are Celebrating International Khuttei Dibas on 14th August Every Year, A Dibas Full of Happiness and Togetherness, just like another BM festival. We Should Never Forget Its Our BM Cultural Significance, This Noble Attempt Connects All The BM Community People With a Simple Lining of a Khuttei/Eruphi (Khudei). Thanks Everyone for your Kind Support and Do As It Is. 👏 Happy Khuttei Dibas to All the BM Community.

With My Father
Krishna Sinha

Happy Bihu, Bishu, Biju, Cheiraoba.

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Happy Bishu, Happy Bihu, Biju, Happy Cheiraoba to Everyone 🙂
Gelga Bosor Kar Dou Re Homadiya Aaji Bidai Diyar.

Aajitto Nuwa Silkortara Dou Utareu Habbirey Haarou Oya Homa Diyar Baro Aamantran Abhinandan Janeyar.

Haroupa Bishu Logey Cherour Baat Palon Korik Habbiye Tiloya..

Jesade Aami Harpasi Ghoror Babok, Jetha Jethi Gurujon a Mattara Ou Hisabe.

Aaji Dou Homaitey Niyom Khani Aalada aar Ou Niyom Uta Palon koraniyow Lager Buliya Mattara Sukh Shanti Ghore Bojai Thanar Khetre.

  1. Ghorgor Muni Goi Sara Oinno Goi Baat Katkoriya Homadeni Nakorer.
  2. Muni Byokti Ugoi Dola Phool Aagolo Murgot Diya Surya Devo Re Homadiya Hineya Sengoya, Nijor Nuwa Seng Fijet Han Pidiya Grihinigoi ba Bohok goi methel lo radese Utalo Kolar Latol aagot diya 🪔 Homaderga Haan.
    Khali Peth Thani Lager Naa Homadesi Peya.
  3. Homaite Mur Go Nongeya Homadeni Nakorer, baro Dou Etarang nibedhon Korani Je aaji mi Jetalo Parlu Etalo Katkorlu Harow Oya Grohan Korediya Prasad Hani loi Buliya ekin mone.
  4. Homadiya Jitega Daa Haan lo Teen Khaas Diya Jani Lager r Utar Porey Firyau Chani Nakorer.

Haroupar Bishu Habire.
Jai Ema Bishnupriya Manipuri

Pic Credit : Aditya Da Bhai ❤️

Pic of the Day : Worth Sharing Post Lend a helping Hands.

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A beautiful scene today, I was sitting in the car watching everything, this little girl is very talented, but she’s begging for food than a girl come around and said tell me beta, I will pay 100 rupees if you’re correct for the alphabet, then she said in a very sweet tone, A to Z with What is stand for every letters. Really Surprised then they give her lots of Chocolate, copy pen 🖊️ and As said 100 Rupees too. We need girls like them so proudful. Lovely Moment 💕
Venue : Matphran ( SHILLONG)
Capture : Krishna Sinha (Me)

VOTE Your Favourite Contestant : Hip-Hop Queen GUNJAN SINHA DD Season3

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1 – Download/Update #voot or #MyJio Or visit http://www.voot.com
2 – Go to the Dance Deewane3 Voting Section or Search 🔍
3 – Click on image and submit vote now.

Voting Times (you can vote Both Days)
Saturday 8pm – Sunday 10am
Sunday 8pm – Monday 10am
#VoteforGunjanSinha #hiphopqueen

Visit : www.krishnasinhablog.wordpress.com

Lovely Sinha performed a patriotic song : Titled “Punyatirtha Bangladesh Ima”

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On 5th September 2021, Lovely Sinha performed a Patriotic Song titled “Punyatirtha Bangladesh Ima” in Bishnupriya Manipuri language in “Mridang program” broadcast live from Bangladesh Betar Sylhet Kendra. Artist Lovely Sinha received the Certificate as award. Shee conveyed her best wishes to all the technicians of the concerned radio team management. She hopes that the friendship between Bangladesh and India will be further strengthened through this song. Furthermore she thanked Bidhan Singh Dada for giving her the full responsibility of this lovely song. From Admin Panel: Krishna Sinha Blog Best Wishes to Her.

Good NEWS for Music Lovers and Bishnupriya Manipuri Community : Hrishi Sinha Playback Singer

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Shillong, Meghalaya : 13th Sep, 2021. It is really very hard to put this feeling into words. Nevertheless, I am very glad to deliver my speech on such an important and momentous happiness showering, Such a great news 📰 for All the Music Lovers around the World 🌍 Specially Proud Moment for Bishnupriya Manipuri Community Big Congratulations to Well Known BM Playback Singer Mr. Hrishi Sinha finally win the Chalchitra Rolling Awards with our Two BM Blockbuster Song “Mitey Harpeilu” ‘Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol.01 and “Rati Hante Najiga Beleya’ from Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol2. It is a huge honor for Hrishi Sinha to receive this award for being the deserving Artists as well as well he makes his Community and Family Proud. His Words : (Hrishi Sinha) I’m deeply honored by my superiors for this recognition of my work. really really thanks to all for endless Support, Greatful to you all this Award is for my Community. He is giving million thanks to Ojha Pocha (Braja Kumar Singha) and his Team Work. Adding more to the speech His Next Project Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol.03 is on Process will release Soon. Thank you Admin Panel Krishna Sinha (Meghalaya, Shillong).

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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Jai Ganapati Bappa Mouriya 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to All My Friends, Family and Fan Zone Nook of the World 🌍May Lord Ganesha Heal your all Pain and Guide you along the way, Gives you the Prosperity in life. Do your Best Work and Wait for the Fruitful Results. Jai Shree Ganesha Namo 🙏🙏❤️

Good News to All Music Lovers and BM Community : Hrishi Sinha

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Big Congratulations For the official Award Nomination in : The Award is something conferred as a reward for the merits one received. Receiving the award is the best thing in Life. But nominating for the award is a big step to motivate anyone. Nominating is to inform them their work is recognized. Their Contribution is Valuable. I really Appreciate and so happy for you Mr. Hrishi Sinha for the Official Nomination of Your Recent BM Blockbuster Song ‘Rati Hante Najiga Beleya’ from Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol2. in Two different Well Known Platform Like GiFA (Global Indie Film Award) and SIFF (Short International Film Festival Award). Today You Have made your family, Friends and Fan Zone lastly the BM Community So Proud. May Your Name and Fame Shine Like a Diamond. Best Wishes. Mr. Hrishi Sinha 💕

A Great News For BM Community : Proud of You Hrishi Sinha

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Hello, my dear People of Assam as well as well all the Music Lovers and those big fan of Playback Singer Mr. Hrishi Sinha, The Great News and my happiness Beyond this is One of His recreate Song ‘Mi Tey Harpeilu’ from the Album “Shri Gouranga Ahil Hai Vol2” has been nominated and goes for the official Selection By Chalchitra Rolling Awards Team. This Famous Bishnupriya Manipuri Song Mi Tey Harpeilu consists of real folk and BM Ethnic Taste Cultural Flavour Which Gives the immense pleasure to all. Such an amazing Astounding News 🗞️ really I feel proud today as I’m Bishnupriya Manipuri, as likewise me I think we all being proud for this Happy moment. Once again Many Many Congratulations to Hrishikesh Sinha (Bau) and Best Wishes to His Team for the Tremendous Work. Little Information about “Mi Tey Harpeilu” Song Written and Lyrics by : Braja Kumar Sinha (Pocha Ojha). Music Director : Tarun Tanmoy. Mix & Master : Diganta Bordoloi. Sung By : Hrishi Sinha 💕 Jai Imaa Bishnupriya Manipuri Jai.