The Life Journey of Earth Warrior : Mr. Pankaj Kumar

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Pankaj Kumar, 33 years Old, A Climate and Environment Activist from Bihar (India) also Known as The “Earth Warrior” and Oxygen Man of India 🇮🇳. Pankaj ji is a resident of Bihar, he has done his schooling in Bihar later he pursued Higher education in Noida. He loves nature very much, he always had a dream in his mind to do some work for the society and the country. If we talk about the past of Pankaj ji, before 2015 he was a vegetable vendor on footpath along with his father, because his father had become bank Corrupted, later he also join him and help his father in this Business. Then he started his journey to do cleanliness together with two or three friends, and kept making people aware to stay clean their surroundings and make Aware to litter Free Zone. Then His Friends separted they have to leave him alone because of getting job out of state, again he stated the Journey alone it’s been 5years running. Then he thought how to do the work of society alone, then suddenly he saw an animated picture on the internet, a child carrying a Water Bottle and a little tree plant on his back he got the Unique idea from this to Aware more people and set an example also spread the awareness and grabbed people attention around the world. Wearing a mask attached to an Big Bisleri Water Container and a plant in it on his Back standing middle of the rainy road in Delhi, for the awareness of Oxygen in the Nation Wide and Far. He gets lots of positive responses. Pankaj has been a role model, a true nature lover, Great Inspiration to many of us and motivated young generation to do work for the Environment as well as for Well being society. My words can’t describe his excellency indeed work towards mother Earth. Recently he visited Silchar Assam during the Disaster of Giant Flood and distribute lots of relief with his Team Workers. He always talk about and raise his Voice Loud on Carbon Emissions, Waste management, Save Tree, Save Panna Tiger Reserve Forest, Save and Conservation of Water. I Wish him A Good Health and Energetic Enthusiastic, May Lord Give Him More Power for this Nobel Journey.

Introducing Youngest Climate Activist : Manipur, India

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One of my Personal Favourite Young Climate Activist from Northeast India Manipur, None other Ms. Licypriya Kangujam. She is A Cute Leisabi with Golden Heart. She is Hailing from my Birthplace Manipur, as I was also Born and raised in Manipur. Anyways Let me Write ✍️ something about her. Licypriya Kangujam Born 3rd July 2009, 12 years old is a Children Climate Environmental Activist from Northeast India Manipur. Hailing from Bashikhong Village, Manipur. Popularly Known for Rising Voice to Combat Climate Change. Her Mother Name – Bidyarani Devi Kangujam, and Father Kanarjit Kangujam (K K Singh). Received Lots of Awards, A.P.J Abdul Kalam Children Award, World Children Peace Prize Same year 2019, Global Child Prodigy Award, Nobel Citizens Awards, 2020. International Women’s Day Awards by Delhi Govt in 2021. Visits Lots of Places like Mongolia, Africa, COP25 Summit urging with the world leaders to act now on Climate Change. She has been campaigning to make lessons in climate change mandatory in school and as per her request the Government of Gujarat has included climate change in School Education. She also work for the nation for the sake of Poor needy people during India Need Oxygen Emergency she delivered a Oxygen Concentrator and also sent 100 oxygen cylinder for the people of Manipur and Bihar as well to save lives by providing oxygen to needy poor people. Inspiration to many youngsters around the Globe 🌍.

Happy Bihu, Bishu, Biju, Cheiraoba.

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Happy Bishu, Happy Bihu, Biju, Happy Cheiraoba to Everyone 🙂
Gelga Bosor Kar Dou Re Homadiya Aaji Bidai Diyar.

Aajitto Nuwa Silkortara Dou Utareu Habbirey Haarou Oya Homa Diyar Baro Aamantran Abhinandan Janeyar.

Haroupa Bishu Logey Cherour Baat Palon Korik Habbiye Tiloya..

Jesade Aami Harpasi Ghoror Babok, Jetha Jethi Gurujon a Mattara Ou Hisabe.

Aaji Dou Homaitey Niyom Khani Aalada aar Ou Niyom Uta Palon koraniyow Lager Buliya Mattara Sukh Shanti Ghore Bojai Thanar Khetre.

  1. Ghorgor Muni Goi Sara Oinno Goi Baat Katkoriya Homadeni Nakorer.
  2. Muni Byokti Ugoi Dola Phool Aagolo Murgot Diya Surya Devo Re Homadiya Hineya Sengoya, Nijor Nuwa Seng Fijet Han Pidiya Grihinigoi ba Bohok goi methel lo radese Utalo Kolar Latol aagot diya 🪔 Homaderga Haan.
    Khali Peth Thani Lager Naa Homadesi Peya.
  3. Homaite Mur Go Nongeya Homadeni Nakorer, baro Dou Etarang nibedhon Korani Je aaji mi Jetalo Parlu Etalo Katkorlu Harow Oya Grohan Korediya Prasad Hani loi Buliya ekin mone.
  4. Homadiya Jitega Daa Haan lo Teen Khaas Diya Jani Lager r Utar Porey Firyau Chani Nakorer.

Haroupar Bishu Habire.
Jai Ema Bishnupriya Manipuri

Pic Credit : Aditya Da Bhai ❤️

Introducing Anuja A Patil : Indian Woman Cricketer

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Anuja Patil is an Indian professional cricketer born on 28 June 1992 in Kolhapur, India.
She is a right-handed batswoman and bowls right-arm off-spin.
She started playing cricket in 2004.
Anuja’s father, who too was a Cricketer, drew her towards the sport.
Anuja used to play tennis ball cricket with her father and uncle.
She is yet to make her debut in ODIs. She made her International T20 cricket debut, India Women vs. England Women on 29 September 2012.
Anuja represented the Indian team in the 2012 and 2016 Women World Cup, organized in Sri Lanka and in India, respectively.
She also played in the Asia Women Cup in 2012 and 2016 in China and Thailand, respectively.
She has played over 30 T20 matches for India, has been a regular T20 national player since 2016.
In October 2018, she was named in India’s squad for the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20 tournament in the West Indies.
Anuja feels that captaincy has helped her reduce her short temper and made her empathize with her team mates.
She also believes that captaincy teaches one to think about the team before oneself.
Her admirer Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni, She loves watching movies especially the inspirational ones.
T20 is her favorite format of the game
Both Man and Woman Cricketers wishes Anuja to all the very best for Her future games. Real Note Honestly I don’t Know her about, I came to know after She Does Love React on My Instagram Status. So innocent so Humble 💖. From my Side I Wish Her all the achievement might Touched and Keep Shine 🌅. Best Regards From Krïshñä Sïñhä.

Lord Krishna and Suryaputra Karna

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Unique Similarities Between Suryaputra Radhe Karna and Yoshuda Nandan Radhe Krishna.
Anyone Can Illustrate this Picture. Warm Welcome ❤️
Ganga Maiya Always Support this Duo they both have Unique Connection with Maata Ganga.
Karna Age 112 Year’s When He Died 17th Day of Kurukshetra War, and Lord Krishna Died After Smashed his Yodhu Bhans along with Brother Balaram at the Age of 125 Year’s Old.
So the Age Difference is Krishna was 13 Year’s Older Than Karna. But They Are Closed Friends and Belongs to Very Closed Family Tree.

Trees are the Lungs of Mother Earth

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Nature is the Mother of All Creatures. Nurture the Mother Earth 🌍 Earth Matters 🌾🌿🍀 Plant Trees Go Green before Green Goes. We the People of this planet are the Sole responsible for Global Warming and Climate Change disasters and now it’s time to Nurish again, we are running out of times, take action now. Save Nature and Save Earth. Thank you Admin Panel. Climate Activist : Krïshñä Sïñhä

Noted : Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik pays homage Tribute to India’s Chief of Defence Staff with his art at sea beach of Puri, Orissa.

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He writes, “My heartfelt tributes through this sand art at #Puri beach, Odisha to late CDS General #BipinRawat. Om Shanti” Salute you Sir Bipin Sir Ji, May God Bless and Gives your Soul the Eternal Peace.

CDS Bipin Rawat Sir : Rest In Peace, We Lost Him in a tragic Helicopter 🚁 Crash

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In an unfortunate incident an Army helicopter carrying Chief Defence of Staff Bipin Rawat and his family members crashed in Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. 8th December, 2021. Reports said that the Mi-series chopper was also carrying defence officials that crashed between Coimbatore and Sulur in Tamil Nadu. We Lost CDS officer along with his wife and 11 other Armed forced Dignitaries officer’s. Jai Hind Jai Bharat 🇮🇳 Om Shanti Om Shanti 😢 Really Unfortunate.