8th International Khuttei Dibas 2022

Bishnupriya Manipuri History, Education, International Khuttei Dibas, Social Work

Happy 8th International Khuttei Dibas to All My Bishnupriya Manipuri Brother’s around the World.

We Are Celebrating International Khuttei Dibas on 14th August Every Year, A Dibas Full of Happiness and Togetherness, just like another BM festival. We Should Never Forget Its Our BM Cultural Significance, This Noble Attempt Connects All The BM Community People With a Simple Lining of a Khuttei/Eruphi (Khudei). Thanks Everyone for your Kind Support and Do As It Is. 👏 Happy Khuttei Dibas to All the BM Community.

With My Father
Krishna Sinha

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