LGBTQIA : Written By Yamin From Bangladesh

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The Society has to be beautiful, to help when someone is in danger. Girls will be given the highest respect and rights. Everyone should dress according to their choice, not according to any religion. Every human being will have the right to love other human beings. Society must be under women. If someone is married in the society, it must be married according to the legal age, for which the lawyer must be present. Marriage below 18+ should not be allowed. Society must be science based. No animal should be killed in this society. Vegetarianism is the best Food. In this society children need to be well educated and know how to improve their lives. In this society, Transgenders will be given respect and dignity. You can love them. Can be eaten with them. This society will accept LGBTQIA. Homosexuals will not be punished in any way. In this society, if one believes in religion, one should not be an extremist. Because if you are an extremist, your house will be vandalized, so these things will not work in this society. If you want to protest about something, you have to write and do it orally. Children have to be well-educated from an early age, no fiction. Even if everything is science based, it should not go against the environment. Trees to be planted are not thorns. There should be no pollution in this society. In this society everyone should know that we are all human beings. There will be no poor in this society. “He is not poor in money, he will be poor in deeds” and “He is not rich in money, he is civilized and rich in deeds”. Society will be love, there will be no Violence and Greed.

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