Proud Moment for Bishnupriya Manipuri

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Cricketer Ms. Sneha Sinha.
Daughter of Mr. Sawpan Sinha and Mrs. Surobala Sinha (Mamoni) of Mantrigram Village in Patharkandi recently in Guwahati Christian Basti has been Selected as all-Rounder for Assam Under-19 Women’s Cricket Team.
God bless You Beta. Wishing you a Bright Future ahead,
Keep Shine. 👌💎

Sneha Sinha

Best Wishes from Admin Panel

A Great BM Gem No More With Us.

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Today we lost a Great Gem of Our BM Community A Renowned Bishnupriya Manipuri Poet, Writer,Dramatist, Playwriter, Lyricist , Singer , Music Director and Actor Mr. Bijoykumar Sinha Uncle Departs today ( 17/11/2022 ) in the morning at Silchar Medical College due to ill health condition. Deep Condolence and Everyone is saddened by his death. 💔🙏

Bijoykumar Sinha

Nature and Humanity – Krishna Sinha

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Nature and Humanity – Krishna Sinha.

Take bicycles for short distances,
take public transport for long distances.

Go Back towards organic farming,
to save Our mother Earth from Global Warming.

Make a return to the native village,
plant trees and make a Greenary Milage.

Stay away from too much Unnecessary goods,
buy necessary items for lovely Homes.

Plastic is not only the cancer of Mother Nature,
but also it is cancer too all living Creatures.

To stop high level Pollution,
Make a stand with wity Solution.

Fight for the mother Nature,
To Create A Healthy Future.

Let’s Heal the Mother Earth Together Think about it,
We Have only one Earth it’s up to Us to Protect it.

Distribute unnecessary things to homeless,
Create Smile and Earn Happiness.

That is truely called Humanity,
Do as it is like Our Own Responsibility.

Krishna Sinha – Earth Doctor

Remember Comrade Late. Bimal Sinha on his 73rd Birth Anniversary

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In memory of our great heavenly leader Comrade Late Bimal Sinha’s birthday.
Date of birth – 16 th October 1949
Date of death – 31st March 1998
In your 73rd birthday, my heartiest salute to him on this auspicious day. Bimal Sinha became a member of the party’s State Committee in 1978. He later became Deputy Speaker and then Speaker of the Assembly. He was not only living a life of a politician, more than that he was a poet and a novelist.
As a young politician you were the best leader ever. As your honest and great socialisms you win thousands heart among the BM Community as well as Others too.
I wish more great leaders like you are born in this new generation. Let your political ideology be their path.May they do great service to the society.
I will not forget you. He did the most important work on BPM Literature,that is collecting ancient proverbs popularly known as poureis.
Ppl used to call him ‘Beliraja’.I remember the editorial of ithaak patrika had a title ‘Beligo burer thang? Social reformer always rise up. We will keep you forever deep in Our Heart. Jai Imaa Bishnupriya Manipuri 🙏

Lt. Bimal Sinha

The Life Journey of Earth Warrior : Mr. Pankaj Kumar

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Pankaj Kumar, 33 years Old, A Climate and Environment Activist from Bihar (India) also Known as The “Earth Warrior” and Oxygen Man of India 🇮🇳. Pankaj ji is a resident of Bihar, he has done his schooling in Bihar later he pursued Higher education in Noida. He loves nature very much, he always had a dream in his mind to do some work for the society and the country. If we talk about the past of Pankaj ji, before 2015 he was a vegetable vendor on footpath along with his father, because his father had become bank Corrupted, later he also join him and help his father in this Business. Then he started his journey to do cleanliness together with two or three friends, and kept making people aware to stay clean their surroundings and make Aware to litter Free Zone. Then His Friends separted they have to leave him alone because of getting job out of state, again he stated the Journey alone it’s been 5years running. Then he thought how to do the work of society alone, then suddenly he saw an animated picture on the internet, a child carrying a Water Bottle and a little tree plant on his back he got the Unique idea from this to Aware more people and set an example also spread the awareness and grabbed people attention around the world. Wearing a mask attached to an Big Bisleri Water Container and a plant in it on his Back standing middle of the rainy road in Delhi, for the awareness of Oxygen in the Nation Wide and Far. He gets lots of positive responses. Pankaj has been a role model, a true nature lover, Great Inspiration to many of us and motivated young generation to do work for the Environment as well as for Well being society. My words can’t describe his excellency indeed work towards mother Earth. Recently he visited Silchar Assam during the Disaster of Giant Flood and distribute lots of relief with his Team Workers. He always talk about and raise his Voice Loud on Carbon Emissions, Waste management, Save Tree, Save Panna Tiger Reserve Forest, Save and Conservation of Water. I Wish him A Good Health and Energetic Enthusiastic, May Lord Give Him More Power for this Nobel Journey.

8th International Khuttei Dibas 2022

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Happy 8th International Khuttei Dibas to All My Bishnupriya Manipuri Brother’s around the World.

We Are Celebrating International Khuttei Dibas on 14th August Every Year, A Dibas Full of Happiness and Togetherness, just like another BM festival. We Should Never Forget Its Our BM Cultural Significance, This Noble Attempt Connects All The BM Community People With a Simple Lining of a Khuttei/Eruphi (Khudei). Thanks Everyone for your Kind Support and Do As It Is. 👏 Happy Khuttei Dibas to All the BM Community.

With My Father
Krishna Sinha